Appreciative Inquiry

A culture or climate audit is a qualitative assessment of an organization's culture. As culture is a rich abstract and subjective concept, qualitative methods are a good fit for this inquiry into the individuals and teams that make up the organization.

The methodology Dr. Connolly uses is inspired by Appreciative Inquiry. In brief, appreciative inquiry is based on the health and vitality of the organization, individuals, and/or team, vs. the "illness" or dysfunction per se.

Individual and team interviews are conducted to inquire as to the climate that employee’s experience. Their impressions of roles, successes, and what makes the organization thrive are analyzed and shared. Some results of the inquiry can be seen and experienced in real-time. Analyses of the interviews are provided in a report to tell the story of the culture.

Quantitative assessments are used when applicable and can help validate the results of the inquiry or audit.

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